The Day of the Lord

What is the day of the Lord? The day of the Lord is a term often misused to point at the last day of history, the day when the Lord Jesus comes again to wrap everything up and judge the living and the dead. But is that truly what the “day of the Lord” means? In this lesson, we put proper context around this Jewish expression.

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Time, Times and Half a Time

This lesson offers a quick glance at the three “time, times and half a time” Bible passages to explain the expression and the moments in biblical history these references highlight. What does “time, times and half a time” mean? Explained.

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Who is the Man of Sin?

Who is the man of lawlessness, that son of perdition of 2 Thessalonians 2? And who is the man of sin's restrainer? The man of sin often finds himself in an Antichrist mashup, used to color a shadowy world leader who is said to rise up and take over the world in the last days. In this lesson, we’ll take a deep look at the man of lawlessness and identify a few candidates.

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The Zealot Temple Siege

In Daniel 12:11, what is the event that ceases the daily sacrifice and leads to the abomination that causes desolation? Enter the Zealot Temple Siege.

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Jesus Failed? Kingdom of God Delayed? Parable of the Nobleman (Minas) Luke 19

Is Jesus’ kingdom an earthly kingdom? What do we know about the kingdom of God? Did Jesus fail to inaugurate the kingdom of God during His first earthly ministry?

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